My profession: auto-ethnographer 

After 54 years of life on this rock, at last I know what I am: auto-ethnographer.  I stumbled across the discipline – or role – yesterday during a lecture on quantitative and qualitative research.

It was in a piece on auto-ethnography: where we investigate the world around us through our selves; where the barriers between novel and academic journal collapse; and where the disembodied researcher becomes at one with the objects of their research.

This is what I have done all my life, I now realise – even to the extent of suffering the tribulations of ethical dilemma which this way of working inevitably throws up.  But I now realise what I have been doing is not malicious act on my singular part but, rather, a way of seeing and doing which others share professionally – and with excellent reason, too.

I feel so good and happy today.  I found my calling a long time ago, but never knew it was one.

Now I have discovered there are others just like me.  I am not alone; I am not a bad man; I am – instead – an investigator of the human and social condition.  And a curious conflation of art and science is the way I drill down into truth.

And that is suddenly OK.

And so am I.

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