Ship-sinking rats

#rivermersey A couple of weeks ago

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Is exactly where it’s at right now

and how it’s at

when people describe other


lesser than themselves

as deserving of almost everything

that goes

their way and their say and their do

and their goddamn bloody rue …

… so is that where we’re at

right now?  The choice of a

lifetime?  The sadness

of leaving behind

a human I’d love to rescue from

particular history, and so remake quite

whole, and allow to become bold again

and not like smothering

mother of yore and before and sorely

held views …

… and my heart does split

from top to bottom, and it’s

not precisely because

of your lies, dear universe; your distractions

to make me think there’s another

life quite out there of easy wealth

and easier love, both matters I’d

want more than anything

right now, and yet how you strive to

make me describe any human being

as the cow or the sow of

the farmyard braying and crowing

and cocking:

for such ways are not my ways, you do

understand; to me they do not

come at all naturally;

at all.

You make me sad beyond belief that

I must be the kind of rat who leaves no

sinking ship

but sinks the ship through

his very leaving.  And

so it is like this

I end up that bad creature of tincture

and poisoning chalice,

and finally of

so much hurt and truths, and terribly

hard practice.

This hurts me beyond any belief.

This hurts me beyond any relief.

This hurts me beyond any righteous

glance of the beautiful women

who dance across my landscapes,

and across your netscapes

and across our mindscapes,

as you make-believe I contain

strange madness, when all I contain

is kindness.


View from the ferry #rivermersey

A post shared by Miljenko Williams (@miljenko_williams) on

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