Tug of war / Tug of love / Tug of peace [ie all about MIL’S (cool brill) minions]

I read up on the minions which run deep through our toy stores, and play places, and the minds and hearts and souls of popular culture.

And I discover that far from benevolent souls, they be nasty servants of evil empire.

And then I understand, and today I understood, that however evil a nastiness may be, there will lie an opportunity for redemption down the line.

And so it does become us; and so it is fine.

My minions shall not serve evil empire, nor be nasty or cruel or unkindly in any way, but – rather – simply be the sky blue and the yellow of the Red.


The colours don't lie (bladestotheheart x~) (II)

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A passed which is now past, but properly informs the future; a future which is anything but reliant on the passed; and a network of connections that brightly communicate the good that every human being can create and generate and educate and co-dependently forge.

My minions are good folk; and this I now fully realise.












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