The why WOULD be guay!



did out-

come, made and stripped of all

falsehood with real




on; and also -u


-on; also clearly that.

And so the coming out of so much grief,





d over so many years,

does lead to flowers of sunny beauty: one

for each of the strident, proud

and beautifully

battling members

of curious

family you see before you: not curious as in strange or

weird, yer know, but curious as in strangely and weirdly

and greatly and grandly

and inquisitively





Yet one thing does still es-

cape this crusader:

one thing does still puzzle me wild:

if outcome is become so splendidly simple,

and yet so very personal,

and yet so very gentle,

and yet so very intimate,

and yet so very private,

and yet so very distant from the

hullabaloo of

hello and boo,

why spend all these resources on small people

like us?

Why do it, dear people?

More importantly than how and what, and where and when,

and stuff and shit like that,

why do it at all, at

all, dear friends?

Why do it at all, at


Explain me that!




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