Retreat (in a +ve sense!)

Morning all.  Hope your night was kindly.  I’ve awoken pretty refreshed.  Looking forward to me hols.  I’m going on a kinda retreat I guess.  A bit of peace and quiet away from stuff.  Only five days.  Will be in touch with big city at the same time, doing museums and art galleries and taking the weird photos I love, just love, to take.

Life is too short not to be a little bit kind to yourself.  So I guess I still attempt to square circles, but the habit is falling away.  In the meantime, enjoy a fairly relevant Queen song which algorithmically appeared to me this morning.  I think Amazon – maths-wise (or I guess I should say math-wise) – knows my state of mind these days, before I even realise it myself.

Scary, eh?

(And weren’t they – Freddie & Co – just ever so consummately artistically astonishingly gorgeously good at what they did?  It’d be so nice just to be a hundredth of that good they were …)


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