Falling [out] / Outing you[r simpleness]

Sometimes people really do it so

they make

you fall in love

with them in order that

you fall out of love

with someone else.

For it’s not primarily you

they are saving but, rather,

really quite naturally, their

own they’re looking


protect [and (mebbe it’s

true, too!)

duly avenge].

And they never had any

intention of showing you a path

to real happiness: simply just a path

to awful self-knowledge: simply there

to teach you a damnable lesson: simply

there as simple you are,

for you

never willdo acquire the

wisdom of ages

you ought so long ago

to have


And this is the outing they were

waiting to impose on you: the outing

not of your colourful proud,

but – instead – the revelation of

your ever so foolish


I was a walking dead in the shadow of

her memory; and now have rightly


seconded from that humanity

I still cherish,

with no place to go

but a limbo

of your making: how stupid I am:

how wise you are become.


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