Café Rouge at Cheshire Oaks

I had a wonderful meal this evening, by myself as is my wont of late but not alone.

I went for an off-the-cuff meal at Café Rouge in Cheshire Oaks. The coffees I have tried before, and been very happy.

And I went in with the intention of an onion soup and a salad of one sort or another.  But the mussels were recommended to me by the waitress who served my table, and it was this waitress who made my evening so pleasurable and accompanied.  

The soup was good, the mussels, white wine and fries were brill, the creme brûlée and strawberry sorbet, an intriguing and successful mixture, went down like a menu on fire, and the double espresso which I drank with my usual unorthodox dash of pouring cream was just right.

I rounded gladly up to 40 quid, and left in the company of friends and professionals.

I shall return.  I hope one day you’ll go too.

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