Why, to come

Am a gentle

Soul, though often

Irritate with the life 

And the


Braked by the waste of

Humanity I see a-

Round me and

My solo-

Tides: the common-

Placed wisdoms of 

Folk whose existences

Broke long ago: so

Long ago.

And why I am here

And why I am kind,

And why I need your kind

In my life,

And why I need you closer 

Is only because

You inspire in 

Me the better being 

We all should 

Be, when in love 

Like I am so 

Weirdly with you.

And the two of us



Might achieve so very

Much: not

Just for each

Other but for all the

Others out

There on this rock of


Tocking curiosity:

And so, whatever 

You choose, 

Just never lose that


Dear angel from my

Past – never

Lose your wonder at the

Whirled you see

Around your-

Self, and (maybe)


Why to go and

Why to come and

Why to be and

Why to be 

Done with

The sadness and 

The badness:

Just let me have that

Chance to

Love you as I know 

And wish I 


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