Rose [goa{led}]

Love finds its expression 

In many singular 

Ways but the only

Ways I know

Right now are

Singularly plural.

And the life I would

Like is the life I could

Give you: but singularly

Plural, not singularly

Solo.  No hands-

Free love but something


Fashioned as 

Fitzgerald would have

Had us 

Period and

Comma, and 

Prose with our

Passion and 


For all things 

Just, and


Now clearly ours, 

Now clearly 


And I can surely

Adapt, and I surely 

Once would, but

Am far more ambitious

In my plurality

These days: no longer

Will I waver as 

I wave you goodbye,

But this time instead

Believe in a

Next time: for the


Has come!

At last it has come …

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