Fotoyou / Fotoluv / Fotofinish

I find my sol-

Ace in

Acing your shapes 

As I walk you so gent-

Ly, so cautiously, so

Kind.  And seeing your

Colours reveal thems-

Elves cheeky and sharp

As a butt-

Only bright night-

Time kiss that 

Wakes me from 

Slumber and makes me 

Wonder a moment 

Before I am able

To under-

Stand gladly your under-

Hand in-

Tension, tempting me

Fine and releasing

My love and and my

Inglorious lust,

For your

Body and such


Us skin, 

And the shapes you do paint

And the colours you draw,

And numbers and sizes 

And rubbers and robbers

And thieves of my

Sedentary, and 

Suddenly through you

I’m alive all


And nothing can now


My joy.

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