With / In / Love

I think I’ve 

mentioned this before:

but I’m unclear if

your gorgeous self was 

watching or not

my writes and my

wrings: so in case you were

not and in case you

might doubt, and in case you

might see me as able to

do wrong, listen now

and listen up: your being and

your love and you 

grand understanding and

your planning and

your seeing and

your everything else and

your not and without and

within can 

only mean one

thing as I see: in such brief

encountering I’ve fallen 

in love with everything you are

and might 

and will be,

and shan’t be but could be-

come with me

if only we dare to

stake this world and

take this world and

stump this world and

trump this world together.

For when I say

I have fallen in love with you 

I mean today to 

say I say it with love 

in you.

And I not only preposition 

my love for you here: I also,

right now, propose it on

bending, blending, rending



Is that so dumb as to sound

out the bells of 

mad irreality and sectionable 

offence – or can you reply

to what I suggest with

a gesture of 

kindly comprehension?

Tell me, what is your

answer?  What does it inspire?

Love or 

affection, or maybe curious 

rejection of such

weirdly crazing presumptuous 

thought pat[t]-


“And so what makes this man

tick and

tock so peculiarly?  What 

makes him assume so much 

might be possible? 

What makes him so eager to

move on so damn speedily

that only drugs taken illegally

might one day overtake


And all this you must be

thinking: and all this you must 

feel, and all this must circle and


your wonderful soul 


your magical heart,

and the being you are and

those beings together we

truly could be-


So part me a mystery and

discover my soothe: I love

you unlimitedly: and that’s 

really my 


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