Some thoughts on writing underground 

I’ve been advised to read a couple of books recently.  They relate, I think, to my own relationship with artistic invention, and creativity more generally.

That is to say, they are considered by the person who has suggested I read them to be relevant to my current situation.

I shall report back shortly if life doesn’t get in the way in the meantime.

What I will mention today is what it’s like for me to write for a maximum audience of four people: the four people who, apart from myself, can now access this content.

It’s all right you know.  The audience is select: and don’t be shy!  You know you are … so let’s not be falsely humble.  And knowing I’m in the presence of good and wise people is enough to motivate me to write.  

Yeah.  I probably want to go further than I should in my indiscretions, but I guess that side of me will never disappear.  At least I’ve discovered – or have been discovered by (I suspect strongly that the latter is closer to the truth) – a new muse: a wonderful person: a person who makes me think of the future not the past: of laughter and intelligent fun and happiness and cool stuff, rather than the sadnesses of serious and persistently traumatising life events which have seemed to follow me across my years, and across those of my family.

Either way, and whatever happens, I am truly grateful – truly truly – for Claire’s wise intervention in my life, to the extent now that any such intervention may change the direction it previously appeared so set on.

You’re a grand grand woman: a really precious soul: a startling dinner companion (which is the only extent to which I have been with you): and the strongest person I believe I have been fortunate enough to find.

And whether I did the finding or you did, I care little for the reasons and less for the ins and outs.  The reality in itself is – by far – quite enough for my life to now become amazingly out of this whirled.

Really.  Honestly.  Sincerely.

So is that a bit more sensibly OK?  Does that help to frame my wilder selves a bit for the rest of you out there?  Does it – even – maybe serve to calm fraying nerves?


(I’d do a hug emoticon now if I knew how – but hugs I only actually know how to do using a biro … oh, and in person of course – but that for another day, right?)

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on writing underground 

    1. Yes. Does me too. But it’s strange for me to contemplate and difficult for me to understand. It’s almost as if I N unpractised in just being happy.


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