Unfollow yellow

The future lies

in unfollowing people so

unfollowed people 

can be the people they were

before believing 

you were followed 

stopped being

an illness and became 

a state of being


by the state.

And this date with the


now becomes a necessity

where the freedom to be

solitary resides in no

soul at all.

So all that I ask of yous

is to see the desire to

be unwired from the tech 

of the very privileged

few as more of a hanker-

ing of chief-

ly honest ablehope:

able – maybe,

one day,

some way –

to cope with life’s sad


tics that ir-

rotate our hearts in mad

orientation of dos

orientating couplings:

couplings of you and me


look just to 


your grand glance and

turn it around, and inside

out, and round-

about your ever so

kindly face,

until our lips each


touch and 



lurch headlong 

madinto the sex of


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