Thrival, dear B[e]

I lived and 

loved and strove 

to do 

more than sur-

vived, and and de-

lived and de-

loved and de-


But something was 

there which 

stopped it from hap-

penned; and for 

strange reason untold

never was I bold


ed to break free,

nor able to brake the 

taking of my life-


d’you sees: the es-

sense of my beings

so many and 

so far flung – yet never 

well hung for


And then, and 

now, and suddenly so

weirdly, and and every


ed moment involved:

the briefest flash

of your eyes so



us (and

the wisp of

your golden 

hair, and 

your future too,

and your lips, only

making words for

you I guess – though for

me, even then,

it was love being made

like olden Fitzgerald-

liked times and mores):

and so I realise I now 





of you.

I don’t just want


I want what this should

lead to.

I want what a kiss

becomes and sounds 

and draws away


momentarily, as

sudden realisation drags us


For no longer is it a question

of mere survival: 

for you,

B[e], and me,

it is thrival!

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