I love the nineteen to a dozen of words

which flow out, like

rivers of rivulets which brook

no disagreement;

I love the sense of powerful

woman behind

the face of exactly angelic dis-


I love the intelligence, so very

fine, which picks up on everything,

and lays down tracks and maybe

joins backs in one

heaving lust, or maybe

I’m imagined every[-]

thing there is to

imagine and create,

as art in movement and

life in would-

ment, and future times of

family debated

and then re[-]

created between

the two of us.

I love you dear B[e], and I know

so very little.



Is it possible to

love another

accurately in the

absence of a knowledge too


You know, I think – after all –

it is.

In your case, am now sure.

In your driven, headstrong,

pretty crazy and – so! – normal,

beautiful wildn-




ex] will be wonderful, and

life even better.


IMG_1632 (Edited) IMG_1631 (Edited) IMG_1635 (Edited) IMG_1637 (Edited) IMG_1644 (Edited) IMG_1648 (Edited) IMG_1636 (Edited)

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