Love concurs all

There’s a time and a place

for disagreement

when based on

accidental in-


dental grindings of bull-


[ting!] realisations you’re on

a ride you’ve been

taking – a ride they’ve gone

and taken you on.



It ain’t bad men or

bad women

at all:

it’s just thoughtless people

who fall way be-

low our honest expectations of

what and how they

might [be-

{have] a way of being and doing},

and seeing with

more clarity

than actuality does gen-



So listen now, and listen

up: I’ve had

enough: enough’s

enough: I need – no

longer –

games you play, nor

see them as anything but games

of a day long past for me,

long passed and dead: the time

to “eat my


said and done and gone

and wronged – and now

righted, like

the cap-

sized blacktopped


dinghy of real characterful duty.




For my only duty now lies with my

lover and

country: and in some parts

and ways, maybe both

are the same.



So don’t rain on me


plains of decidely


source, but COME over me


together, in bed, of



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