LEARNING [about] living {about} LEARNING

I don’t know if anyone reading this blog has ever read the below post of mine on life and learning.  I wrote it last year on a now defunct blog – quite separate from this one – which nevertheless I do still keep online.

On re-reading the post, it reads fairly fine, and I would like you to read it sometime and get to the end – though only if you are able to find the time and inclination, mind.

No pressure, then!


I’ve moved on, of course, since last year: I feel more positive now about life, about my self, my direction in it, and what I want out of it than I did when I wrote the piece – but even today, it resonates, for me at least, in a way that continues to both surprise and puzzle me a little.

And I wonder if it might resonate for yous, too.  It starts as follows:

Tim Lott has a good and reflective article in the Guardian this weekend.  The thesis of it, I think, is that learning ability is but a small piece of what society should see being a human really consists of:

[…] However, the prestige of those who achieve highly in examinations (Plomin’s studies focused on academic results) has much to do with our collective overvaluing of learning ability as a society.

I’m not sure he’s entirely accurate, though.  I don’t think we overvalue learning ability so much as misunderstand – or even misapply – its virtues.  And I speak of myself as much as anyone.

The post itself can be found by clicking here.

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