War[ring] poetry


Even wars need poets,

and in modern times we are

often at war

without knowing it so.


And so perhaps it is

true and right to be saying

in all moments

and places


we need poetry to

hand a right

and a

duty of caring desire


when sex and love do


to close in on the

foolish inattention of


those who prefer

not to make that

love but

revert to that war


of the parties that


unfairly their cricket

until the dick(it)


she is loses

everything she had

to the assumption

that bad had no



at all, and maybe

that bad

was actually good


in gorgeous dis-

guise, and gay

words and



ward stuff would be

quite enough

to stuff

the reality up his ass.


(Or p’raps we’d


a tad



saying: “Somewhere





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