Bars are like reruns of

shows you no


linger after: or at

least that’s what you thought,

and yet the emotions they

drag from way down 

low slow your breathing until

you spill

unerringly in the

direction of this foolishness.

And above all

you must 

maintain the respect to the

right of another

not just to say no but not

even to have to say so:

for love is only true

when neither side needs to


And con-



ingly}, what they 

tell you at school is a fool’s

gold at the end of

no rainbow of black.

So if love is a struggle,

then respect it

contains none: and better


gone than repeat and


The lesson is harder than

hard ever was,

but no one ever

has the 

right to protest when

embrace is really what’s 

needed up here; and 

no one has

the right to oblige



And this I have been

guilty of,

on various occasions; and 

so now I believe, and for these

reasons why,

my solitude is required by

the uni-

verse I write, and curiously

rhyme and weirdly

fight and

battle and

only survive.

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