Two [a life only just berung …!]

A face like an angel of

curious nature:

unclear if avenging or

graced as real

saviour: and yet 

either way I am fascinated 

by the prospect of

seeing and

speaking and

laughing quite certainly,

and exploring 

and finding the yellow

of lives spent

together and yet 

just as

independently, and thumbing

that noise up at all their


as they 


slowly to realise the


bravura of everything 

planned quite before-

hand – as according to weird

plan it’s gone.

And whilst the present is

leading me to your 


facing up

to wollens and

liquors and stories untold,

and unfolding like

magick, and nothing

tragick does behold

me any

more, and nothing does

hurt nor sore my

life now: and just the thought

of your face and your

words and

your ciggies does

bring a big smile to 


daft foolish

life, and lead me to

understand you’re no 

woman of

pity: but of

deep driving instantaneous

soul: an angel of 

wonderful plundering love:


angel of future: no

pain from



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