No one likes a middle-man,

though they do have their uses: they deliver

what we want, even at a mark-up.

But a middle-man of emotions, who neither

lives alone nor lives with others: what a

reprehensible type this is for the

rest of us, who love to declaim and pro-

claim our divinity in the

unholy trinity of family relations:

partner to partner, parent

to offspring, sibling to


irritating sibling.


I am lost in the confusion of the games

you play: I am costed as middle-man

would cost their hard-

wares: I am saddened by trains

of thought you lay down to

deliberately distract and confuse me into

frowning for the sake

of an art of primitive worth:

all I want is my life back, and the op-


unity to join

with a fellow soul out there

and make love and be happy

for the rest of my role

on this rock I inhabit, and would like

to share right with someone

else who might want what I do.

2 thoughts on “Middle-man

  1. unholy trinity of family relations — EXCELLENT line! Your poem has so many layers, and I know middle men, so I appreciate your words very much. It truly isn’t an enviable position in which to be, but sometimes quite necessary.

    Liked by 1 person

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