Hols, job-hunting – and Dublin, too


M and middle offspring are safely packed and off to Spain for the summer.  I hope the ferry journey is good to Santander.

The youngest is flying out on the 19th.

Myself, I am dependent on job-hunting prospects, but in a real and important way I’m looking forward to testing my thesis.  And to be honest, although the weather in the UK is weather not climate, and the food ain’t always the best, I do begin to bring my own sunshine along with me.  I’d like to be able to share it, mind; but for the moment I think I’ve begun to truly love myself.

I need to continue with the work-focussed activities, and manage a way of being without a car to move around for the moment.  Oh, the latter will be so painful.  I do so love driving around, now.  Anyone got a spare car they don’t need, and be willing to lend me?  Or a job they’d like to give me sharpish, which includes driving cool cars around?

In the meantime, I must also be kind to myself, so will be organising another trip to Dublin shortly.  You just have to go to places where the people who live and love there are kindly and good for you.

And where the photo ops and the writing ops and the poetry ops just overwhelm.

So dearest Ryanair … when next? Eh?!


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