Who wears the trousers now?

Change is like many good

People on the

Planet: ignored and when

Not ignored undermined and when

Not undermined rejected and when

Not rejected entirely dis-


Grated like yellow cheese of 


Source and 

Miserable re-


Of course.

But sometimes the

Change is loose in

No way: sometimes a he

(In this case, it’s clear, 

Some shes and a

He) do conclude quite

Rightly in firmly calm

Impression that changes

Resisted by so many others

Do prove

Their worth

Precisely in the

Measure of resi-

Stance those around the

He do choose to pose.

And so all of this sudden

Truth falls into place:

He now knows how and why

The trousers he must trace

And race and chase, for 



So well: 

And how and why a 

Man he

Has thus 

Finally become

In running such marathon 

Of truth and discovery

Can overcome the

Challenges that despised

Him fully at first but

Now for curious reason

No longer misunder-


In any way.

And an honest and noble

Being of love.

And a kindly and gentle

Conductor of

Lightning thoughts and

Different ideas and

Desires and

Wishes that may

One day

Bring broken

Society together as one by 


We all do learn to

Wear the trousers we deserve 



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