You say it’s fun to be

with me

because you know my story 

and you think you see 

what I need to be

again.  But you’re wrong on what

you see and how you dot

the lives I’ve lived, cold and hot:

and let me be clear,


that what you hear

and think you know

about me is so

out of left field,


you have wheeled

me down paths so unreeled

and unfeeled,

and maybe even

soiled; maybe even that,

you know; maybe

even that, 


And I don’t need your pity,

people.  I need you to love me

when you see me

because you need me 

and want me.

So all those of you who think

you can sink

and plumb my depths 

with accuracy,

think again.

For you are wrong:

so wrong you have absolute-

ly no idea how resolute

I can be,

and shall


in the two faces of

your ter-



ying pity.

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