The unterleafing of tome #TateLiverpool #Biennial2016

The interleaving of

time stranges our precision

and pizzles our perception

of what is now and

what is then

and what is when

are you


And feeling the ancient

up against

the more recent and

the absolutely nascent

is glorious exhibition

and glorious exhilaration

of images and

ideas that

idea our love of the

physical and tactility.

Only I wish I could touch your

rubbish discarded:

I wish I could sense your

pizzlement as

hardly as puzzles do revert

to sensible

sensibility, and the momentary

hurt of artistic


For confusion is good

and should drive us

elsewhere to

places of windrous angel-

shifted glances:

so lead me to where


trangement does rule and

became, dearest Art, a

tool and a glory at all our



ions, whether science or

tech, or at the neck and

call of all our emotions: the

carefully contained

or the wildly sex-





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