Impressions of an exhibition #jm2016 #WalkerArtGallery #Biennial2016

An evening begins in sound and

surely the good and the great

and the clever and the


And the ingenuity and

the imaginating


the fascinating of minds

who push beyond the

binding poss of

troops of all

the same

again, and again the

same colour, do re-



[r]ate and

dine and sup and

sip the bit and

much we’ve come

to see.

And so I spend two

hours of joy

as toying with

tech brings me pleasures


And around

about and


bouts of battling

art and grand investigation

toughly fought and

roughly bought: the life of art

and the love of artist.

And this I have witnessed

tonight, right here.

And right here I am

happy to


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