“… angels: Mr Bean, me and the comedy of quantum physics …”


There is time enough to time the

timeliness of time-

lines which line our

timely faces with the marks and wrinkles

that crease our unceasing pursuit of


covering up the pass-

age that

most tells us shortly life is


But whilst it still lasts we

see more than glory:

the stories we assert and

remain and provide

as dessert for a meal we


got did take place:

and in so many ways

I love you dear women;

I love you dear men;

I love you dear children …


… and it’s time I did say: for

there is really no

prize like the prising of

fingers which grasp and

grab onto the sex that

breaks mountains of bush

and pushes and

pulls the happiness and joy

I have lived in your

presence: a gift not from

gods but humanity

borne fine: a gift from the

line that is timely and



And the quantum that is

physics will run with our

humour, our mood and our


ness, which each day is

less than the things they did

once accuse us of

saying and being,

doing and believing.


And humour is good,

and sex is better,

and sex with humour is



best of all.

So listen to my voice;

sense my kiss;

see my bliss;

and understand this:

I will never stop loving you.






2 thoughts on ““… angels: Mr Bean, me and the comedy of quantum physics …”

    1. 🙂 I wouldn’t be surprised if some thought me quite similar. There’s a huge perception of cause and effect in all comedy, of course; but Mr Bean is without par in his desire to minimise the downsides of not thinking far enough ahead …

      Liked by 1 person

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