Shakespeare’s bruvvers, sisses and peeps 

We’re all Shakespeare’s bruvvers, sisses 

and peeps in the end: 

and the end is never far but

even so by far it is to be:

a place to grandly see and smile;

and while away the tomes and

times we lost and cost our

lives and wiles.

And all of us …

how in debt we are;

and yet the generosity of self-


eeeee, it does proclaim the truths 

he braved, in other ether-

ridden medium of fine art

drawn and shone and honed 

and reamed like reams of

papered room;

and those who post in love of

words and grandest life,

and shields and swords

quite sheathed and covered,

no longer bared,

do follow in his steps of feet, and

oh how rumbled tummy does await

repast, and palatial thoughts

and kindly deeds:

for in

deed we demonstrate our worth.

Shakespeare’s selfie:

that is us!

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