The wonderful untaxing starbra 

Starbra your way to a better

day: untaxing, unhateful, unharming,

and grateful: wake to a kiss

and a hug and delicious embrace, 

a strawberries and cream of a

dreamy taste of love freely

offered and taken with so much 


not a

verbal mace nor a rejecting of

physically vulnerable 

affections – never

that any more; never that 

pain again.

Oh, and give me your dreamscape over

your nightmares any day: give me 

your sex over your 

vexatious ignorance; give me

your thirst for learning new

stuff over the madness of

stuffing the foul darkness 

they postulate and propound

and theorise into the

ground of grinding 

inhuman: not our way 

at all.

Just remember our last kiss and

then remember the first,

and then remember the space 

in between 

to know just how good

life really can be, above and beyond

and outside the acts of the

ignoring and prejudging men and

women who wrong.

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