Gr{[s]een} (or how we must fight fire with water, not fire …)*

A life lived of greens unseen is

a life lost to the good they

can do.

In ignorance we commit

no crime at all;

but in wishing to persist in this

ignorance we show, the greatest there

ever was

is this crime we choose to act,

out of wilful de-

sire to give birth to prejudice and hurt, and

prejudging without {[he]art} –



violent dis-


sham of humanity:

a physical di-




oh, horror you do generate

in everything I believe and treasure and me-



in everything I have plea-


d for everyone I’ve loved and caressed

and embraced with my words all above: the

praying – almost – of

contemplative hugs: that is

precisely, requiredly, necessarily

what I offer


to our

shared humanity right now.





* This blogpost, which came my way yesterday, has inspired me to write today’s poem.  It’s a truly inspirational piece of writing under dreadful pressure.

Please read the post – beautifully and extraordinarily judged in moments of extreme danger and terror – and then, if you can, reflect on the importance of maintaining, sustaining and expanding our shared humanity in the midst of awfully violent people, and events.

Let us never prefer to fight fire with fire, but – always – with water.  We are better and cleverer than the violence which attempts to infuse our whirled – and we always must remain thus.

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