You try changetry each day

and you changetry to fail

and the mail you sent 

decades ago becomes

dust in the male you’ve 

now turned into: and


trol[l] is the issue,

and the sharing out of

stick, and even the carrot 

is used to hit

the you 

you now are become.

But carrots are for rabbits

frozen in

headlight: and sticks break

bread, and then words power

forwards: and bones do

rattle as battles commence: and

a rendering of virtual

hurt displays its wares

of soft to an eavesdropping 

world she fails herself

to realise is actually

there, and


And the saving of others

was once his priority, and

it was all he could think

about and all he could


But now it’s no longer

a care in his

whirled: and now he’s no

longer protective of

the sad and 

hurting soul

he so wanted

to save from herself 

a time ago he’s now too

slow to properly 


Bye bye, changetry.

Bye bye.

Bye bye, changetry.

Bye bye bye bye.

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