Why I feel like Indiana Jones …

I feel like Indiana Jones.

So.  Here’s why.

Learning how to put contact lenses in was something I practised in two sessions and multitude of attempts, until I managed amazingly successfully to stumble across my special trick (email me if you want to know my secret, but keep it a secret when I tell you …).

However, I neglected to be as rigorous with learning how to take them out.

I’ve just spent almost forty-five minutes chasing two lenses around my eyeballs.  I feel like that scene in the “Temple of Doom”: the one with sheep-eye soup.  (Or at least I think they were sheep in origin.)

You remember?

Well, that’s me today.  Finally got them out.

However, I’m really truly determined to proceed with this learning curve.  They tell you in the ads they’re great for doing athletics and dancing and all sorts.  What they mean is they’re great for sex, only they can’t say that.  In what sense?  In the sense that even us oldies can look into the eyes of a dearly beloved without glass coming between us.

Ha ha!  And you thought with my limited experience I wouldn’t come across this realisation?!

Well, you’re wrong …


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