Things they [don’t] tell you

Things they tell you and

things they

din so it makes your head

spin like plate on a

stick: and you one day

do have to let light see the

secrets, and if this is so …

… why not now?

But then again you think and

you think you see the

winks and you finally understand 

the handiness of believing –

Italian way for sure –

that lying can be flying from truth

or magnifi-

sent pleasure in a 


sent bed.

And this precisely is when the din

in your head becomes the

peace in your soul, the owl in

your mind, the sign that you

finally do want to meet 


self …

… and the cure you yearned 

for is finally there, and 

where there might be is

still unclear: yet clear enough

it is that love lies at its 

root (in Italian way, for sure

this is so!),

and above all this does

suit magnifi-

sently your now: above all it suits

you how!

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