Out Of A [JOB]

The burden of job,

when wholly dispiriting 

compares little to the loss

of societ-

al[l] respect for committing the

crime of unemploy-

[un]meant entirely: a blameless

state where the weight of


lines your pocket with

debt to them all; a criminal

call; a stall set out to hinder

not help; a vile-

[s]ense of foolish unkindness.

And who loses their burden?

Those who deserve 

to serve the

prejudging of minds which 

borrow and do not lend themselves 

to community, to the friendship 

of humanity cared and

shared for: and the winners may

reserve their lot 

even as the losers may

deserve no favours.

Yet tell me this: how is it possible

for losers to 

die in their shame 

even as winners guarantee 


the chutzpah of chulos

able to fake and fuck and 

take from the rest 

the kindness, respect and 

gentle humility we

all would savour,

given this favour?

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