If you really ain’t understanding, this is surely time to call it quits …

I don’t think you quite appreciate

how important for me

doing things right is going to

be for

me to do the things that I must,

in a future of dusting heels like

rocket-fired wheels.

However I’ve been treated, any

person will have history

that explains the bullying and unkindness-

[s]ez they commit in what

they say and do and argue

and debate and run roughshod

over in that dusty remaining


ant of a worker

be and


So when I look to fight my way

through, it’ll all be less than permanent –


too –

if I don’t have the means to pay both

my way and the

way of the people I must leave behind.

Get that firmly understood if

you can, my dear people.

For without this small but necessary

proviso, I am prepared to

do whatever I must to

avoid leaving in ashes and self-

justifying pain people who always will

know less than me about the stuff

you all know far more about

on the matter in


than anyone else is able to say.


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