Taking stock (I): g[e]ni[us]

If you were a genius, what sort of

genius would you be?

Would you be a Mozartian prodigy of weird and

youthfully wonderful powers?

Would you be a progressively deconstructing Picasso, with

superior symmetry and beautiful line,

and astonishing breakage as time went on?

Or would you learn from the web of g[e]ni[us] around


Would you be the kind of genius any and all of us

connected to the net can work out

with time

how to be:

how exactly;

how precisely;

how why?

And can’t you now see how this is possible?

Can’t you now see that it’s true?

The web, what it teaches, what we

learn unbound, is first to understand by

deconstructing ground; by invading

the territory another covets as their own; by

breaking up the elites that

dominate through woe.

But then what the web, and its instincts to

community, lead almost all those thinking

peeps to think and wonder and

usefully conclude is that after deconstruction –

in a way Picasso never! – and using the

learning that only breaking can bring

we begin slow but sure to pull back together

the windy open-


d expanses of

chilly endeavour, until they do warm our

muscles of cellular grey; until we do truly

discover the love that is out of

the way of the normal life led by the head

not the heart: firing on

eight cylinders like

bullet sped quiveringly:

a history;

a legacy;

a sheer lifetime and more of so very much

genius: connected and seething

and hoping and breathing

and teaching and learning from the

wisdom of bytes.

(And I remember the way you’d bite me so

fine – and is it right for me to mention

it right now,

or is it not?

And must I deign to say,

if so?

Must I pretend I ain’t

thunk it?)


The genius we all do express is the

collective genius of

the all we are: and if anything will save this

21st century,

it will be this all of the collective

where the individual is prime;

where you and I are mine to hold and share

and be as bold as bold, and love is first

and only then will money men

and women


the way

we – all of us – will need one day.

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