My world … or a bit of it, anyways …

Beard grows longer, gets cut

back; gets its full whack of

attention – or maybe

not: and in the meantime,

the good time not the

cruel time, we rule a bit and run a jot

and then we get what we once

got: we fight our battles,

even where battles are

lost, and the cost of losing

is the upside of life: for tempered

our humours, we become that weird

strength that distances from long-

held resignations, and goodbyes

those heavy sulken pasts.


And the love I have for the profession I would

practise were practice the only thing

I needed these days … and it ain’t

practice I need, but the opportunity

to practise; oh, what a glorious moment that

would be.


And the family which is good for me

is growing by the day; I may argue this and

wonder that but never pray relig-




ing again.

And so in the picture see my




W: the me I’ve become, maybe always

truly was; the me I’ve re-

won back from the cause and abyss

of sitting pretty and calm as I did

for so long:

that not making a fuss in

the invisible storm.


And the gratitude I feel

is unbound.

And the pleasure I sense is

sounder than sound ever will be for anyone;

and maybe too for

you – I really do not know, nor would

dare to tell.

All I bear witness to, beyond and after

all, is the call of my heart: and that

heart belongs to you.


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