And maybe …

And maybe what happened to me


happened to you;

and the balls I really could’ve had

you also had had them too, before we

came together that day and

married all our lives


So let’s say it was that;

it quite easily could’ve been


it quite terribly might’ve been


and that, as the hat with a cat

would’ve said, is absolutely

the flattest conclusion

we did make; the flattest conclusion

we ever

would have reached.


And maybe we loved each other

in very different ways;

and maybe this love

could’ve done far better stuff;

and maybe there are

maybes which lay along the

road we [travel-

{led] and bled, and said that


and which just as easily

would’ve meant a life quite of

rather different wheeze:

wizardly too; witchifying without

a doubt.


So if it goes as I can see it going –

and I do rather suspect

you already sense

it; do know it; do deep-in-your-bones

find yourself fearing it – I really do hope

apart we might

one day re-

visit the best of the remains of

our life and these decades they

make up, and these memories

I write.

And somehow together create a

new way of being

together which

means kindly apart.

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