The Hi Yellow!

Lows are highs waiting their

turn: finite dots connected


though in my case

never discreet, never 

at all …

… and I wonder why the

women of my life

have fascinated me 

to this point of indiscretion:

what is it about women

that questions my wherefores 

and heretofores and 

wise?  And so much


dom does do me head in,

like dinners at tiny school

once did to my left.

But now I am healed of

all of that stuff: and old

hat it is, and capping it all …

… well, being with yous one day

might be such a ball of

all sorts – sweets of boiled power

to be sucked and licked fiercely,

but with a grandly felt and sensed 

affection blued


I love yous, you know; to this point

of indiscretion.

But most of all I love the you who

knows full well 

by now

… dearest elfish sprite of

all green: a woman who 

has brought me

the hi yellow.

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