Like men do

When you start to do stuff

like men do stuff, and even

wardrobe malfunction is a

right not a sha-

me, you rapidly get the point

of the ex-


size: for finally you

have the balls of the man

you never

quite became, out of repeated


me of this and that, and

the other – my God how never

did we speak of it in private,

never mind the place of

public rain.

And the eggs bene-



onary reads my soul back at

me: to suddenly have the huevos of

the Holmes of our time is

the mostest hostest roasty-

toastiest life I could

ever hope to stumble across –

within or without


how the song does

reclaim this is

for sure.

And yet even as the thoughts

which wildly cross-

cris[s] my mind, like tapestry

from Victorian time, do continue

to puzzle and be-

muse and drive and make

me fly like I did do, one summer,

that summer

with you, nothing is the

same right now – everything has

changed, like penny rolling lost

so long, now found and

burnished bright in the day-

light of the manhood that cost

me a lifetime with

the people who can now

make me



4 thoughts on “Like men do

    1. That’s really kind of you to say … it’s an example of writing in situ – like a painter leaving the studio behind and painting the meadow in the meadow. I love writing on the street and in bars … it just all feels so liberated. I hope that comes through.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, that is lovely…clever too. Eggs Benedict are like a mainstay for me too…which also lends to me like comfort food…the poetry, the setting, and the feeling evoked. Places often inspire certain feelings…like old socks or a favorite tee shirt. Good stuff. Yes?

        Liked by 1 person

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