THE mantra: “History told {yo[us]} so …”

I just posted this on Facebook:

Morning all.


I guess the temptation really is to say “I told you so”, for so many people this morning, and mornings to follow.


Institutions may be bad or not; corruption may exist (it does!  Ask the question re MPs’ expenses …); but either way you must manage change, not detonate it with dumb referendums only amateurs need so their own unevidenced prejudices can be put into practice.


Change was needed, here and abroad.  But the change Brexit now wreaks here will allow people like Farage to lie their way into further privatising the NHS, and reneging on every and any promise they might choose to make with the goal of achieving a verbally violent pulpit of paltry ambition.


People who’ve waited 25 years to achieve their ambition can be admirable, but they can also be extremely dangerous.  Hubris and pride overcome their judgement before they touch the buttons of power, rather than at the end of a political career.


These are not uncharted waters at all.  History repeatedly tells us what people like this do to weak countries who emote before they think; who prefer to be led rather than lead; who like to be psychologically stroked rather than intellectually stimulated.


The failure was ours not to make the EU and the UK a better place in time.


The crime, however, will be theirs: those who use pride and hubris and emotion and verbal fireworks as levers and tools to their terrible ambition.


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