Sculpting is good

and glad and fab: for you, me

and then mad men like us,


And Liverpool won, and us too

are in: we remain in the train

of wonderful sort; oh how 

you taught me in three of your

hours, sweet and short in seconds,

you devil grand

you: and I love you like this:

exactly that

devilish is 


you, me and heaven, black and

blue and seven the


And I arrived with hate

and grating in my mind

and des-

pairing on my 

braining idea of her,

and eyes to the ground

as if lost and

founded: grounded in fact like

adolescents wretched: 

the sulk of 

the hulking insane of 

the fetched.

And five photos later,

and constancy’s love of my

skillset where

connections become the

friend of permissible action

and reacting,

and acting out a fancy

undressing of your youth

and your soul: how bold 

you make me now; how bold

I become.

Dublin and

Liverpool are in my soul and

heart, and skullptur-e



Just like you!

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