KOA / “… on a REDdying lying (down) …” / AOK

So the puzzle begins to

settle into shapes and forms that

coalesce, and the victim becomes

clearer, and those

who were victims become to change


shape-shifters curious, like no

sci-fi did begin, nor start nor end nor [heartless-

{ly]ing} (down) on the

job of readying the RED: that explosion

of truth that needs to be cul-

tured; rup-

tured; de-

natured; re-



And God’s right-hand men, Spanish

and English both, did do

so much harm at the right-hand

of Godhead: oh, and I do not RED-

ily use the term “evil”, but here –


sure –

the word “evil” does slip from my

lips and my sips and my suppings

with the lies and half-truths you

have whisked past my eyes

over these [awful-





And the bully who tor-

mentored my childhood

into an under-

achieving miserable hell of

self-loathing – and the bullies

he surrende-

RED himself to … for bullies never

surround themselves with the

proud of leader-

ful: instead, just the rejection-

ably hidden and underbellied do they

suck up to and into and out

of, and around.


And EB rolls for me, and has rolled for

me from the start: and I know not why;

I know no reason to merit

nor deserve such attention; no

achievement have I aspired to that can

justify the belief she has had in me from

the part.






And that MA58 knew from the heart; knew it

all; played ball with the cruelties thus

engineered in family …

… it is so painfully beyond my ken; and I feel as

empty-headedly barbie as

the marketable might ever make

any of us.


And yet despite the des-

pairing that this went and raised in me,

despite the woeful sadness and hurt,

yet even now – yes, even now! – put me together

with the beauty of art’s


lence (for do not serve me life’s vile

ence any longer),

and you see a new man in a spriteful

clap of jumping delight, able to spring

back into action and love and hope:

and that is me!


That is the real Miljenko Williams:



K …


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