N[aking truth]s

I used to be so honest;

at least as far as I could …

… running back and forth

between damning lies and under-

stood below eaves that

dropped off their thoughts:

how secret-

I’ve been: how bad I feel

as I fight for freedom.

You’re bigger than me:

like a bear with deathly

hug: an embrace which destructs

not constructs a relation

between upwards and down

and sexual

flavours: oh and how I’d really

love to taste your flavours,

and savour the salty sweat

of your brow-

beaten day, and make the pain

disappear and go

away.  And you do say you’re

driven, and I love that in

woman, and I’m pretty hard-

bitten I now realise myself.

But the toxicity and

the intricacy and the ex-


of my strife is destroying my

ability to escape from orbital



For everything I do – but


thing I say! – is subject to your

clamouring demeanour: not ours,

not mine, just yours.

And the pain I have caused you is

clearly real enough.

But there must come a time

when enough is the stuff of the

ways we must stop, and re-


sham our beings out of fooling

our wieldings: the battle of


Mary and

Josephs the world over.

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