So maybe …

So maybe my face blindness 

disappears like my fear

and maybe names and faces

faced me down as they

did but no longer 

do because what you

do to me is make me 

fearless in ways I never 


would be mine at any 

time I ever was to dream

to be.

So maybe you did and

maybe it’s gratitude 

I should feel for

what’s happened, and

so maybe I 


But most of all I have to


to myself as well as

you; to them as well as


the rougher side of 

life has made a tougher 

side of me.

And yet despite all 

expectations, and in 

contrary to all his logic,

this tougher me makes 

it so much more

likely for me to

love you as life will demand 

of us both.

And how curious is that?  Gentle-

ness from

strength: the rules of

law which bring pleasures

unbound: unsounded in 

your deep for now; at least

for me unsounded.

And maybe forever,


that now depends on you!

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