Form[u]la one: the real clo[sure]

And so I realise in time

the love expressed is

so much more

than just you and me.  Other people

touched and hurt and

bewildered remain people

of considerable


But finer than a sharp apprehending

of comprehension

is the peace I now feel from


given giftedly like baubles

shining Christmas-like:


in seas-


but not once a year,

far more than that.

And this for-

givingly is me and you,

and comes,

as always must,

from speaking good words – but not

fine just for rhyme.

Instead, in

deed, in act we discover the

fact of the matter is love.

Love on all sides

and no sides at all.

And the ball I have gifted me

is more than that Christmas tree.

The ball I have gifted me is

ours forever.

So I thank all the people

who’ve taught me to love:

the presence and life I now

look to enjoy

will last into decay and final dismissal;

and yet never will I now leave to

neglect nor forget

to collect the dew of

your beauty-


heart of

gentle approach in the dusk

of these souls

we now desire

so much


share for and

care for,

and kindly taste and embrace,

bewonder and bewilder:

an unwilling love become a

life of contentment:

formula one …

… now what I want.


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