Dublin: first reactions

Morning all!

I’ve just come back from the very best birthday of my whole life.  There and back by plane, zero fear: for Chrissakes, I was even ordering coffee five minutes before landing, and drinking it about five seconds before touchdown!  Such a cool city is Dublin: I had high points and low and thrived in all of them.

At least in hindsight.


This is – finally – what life is about.

I’ll be going regularly there at weekends and when I can.  And when I have money.  And more frequently when I get my hands on the job I deserve.

I’ll be writing further about it shortly, in the form of poetry reportage: thoughts and impressions, and photos as well.

I really do not know how all this has happened, and suspect strongly it’s not entirely my own doing; but either way, and anyhow, I’m the happiest big little boy in the world at the moment.

A quote to finish this post: one of my offspring in the birthday card they gave me drew my attention to something by Ernest Hemingway, one of my all-time favourite writers:

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

This, now, is me …


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