If I met you(s) today …

If I met you today

it would be as friend,

no longer


no longer a sacrifice either

to say this to you; no longer

a wordage of


And so the generations

reach generously out to me

and provide me with the consistency 

of knowing you form part 

of what I am.

And those who might quite rightly 

condemn me for my acts

instead do em-

brace and hug me for my fact.

For I was not but 


And now I feel otherwise: 

now I feel loved:

for even those others out there

who used 

illness against me

as weapon of battle

can no longer battle me bad

And so yous  are so good: the youth, 

the real womanhood

and manhood, who born out of

childhoods uncertain 

have remained strong in your convictions

as yous kindly have chosen not to

convict me of love:

but instead remembered only

that word as a

firmity unbounding,

a sounding of

joy: an expression – ultimately – of


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