Don’t follow me / Befriend me


I spent my life, minda, kinda, feelin’

that being followed shit,

before followin’ was a thing;

before followin’ was in.


So if you know what’s good,

and know what’s fine,

and want to do what’s

right in line:

for you,

for me,

for the people I want to love,

for the people I  want to seek,

for the people I want to


for, and for the people who touch my soul,

and have also, sadly, dis

paired on occasions

my soul to the quick and

hard fast rules

that tool our societies

into hate and fear,

and all that shit here

and all that fuck there …


… then don’t go and follow

me any more like you did;

please don’t follow me

any more;

just don’t follow

me any more





Love me, instead, exactly for what’s in my head.

Love me for what’s going on.

Love me for what I am, not

what I should.


Befriend me, instead,

for the shit inside my head.

Befriend me.

Befriend me.

Befriend me for exactly that.


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