On art, culture, adult juvenilia and personal development

The interesting thing about art, whether you think it good art or not, whether you think it skilful or disdaining of its public, is that when it works on your belief system and perceptions in a productive way, you’re never quite sure if the reality it describes edges on sheer madness or not.

I think that’s where I’m looking to go: not personal madness; never want to go there again; but a description of worlds which cannot be reached any other way.  If they could, why reach them via the art I attempt to construct?  You’d, instead, read a book, consume a film, go and pop corn – or even simply say … “Fuck off!”

I have to say I’ve learnt a lot over the past six months or so, and am now looking eagerly to put it into practice, so the stuff already done – kinda adult juvenilia – can provide the foundations for a real personal development as a creator.

Of course, you may find all the above terribly presumptuous.  I’m not sure it isn’t.  But often presumption is the basic condition for anything interesting – from the appointment of a CEO to the simple creation of a photograph.  We need to presume possibility before we assume improbability.  Therein the presumption I mention.

Looking forward to being at yet another interesting workshop at FACT Liverpool, this coming Thursday: called “The Simplicity of Truth”, it explores masculinity from an exclusively male point of view.

So I am so grateful to the people at FACT for having opened their practice so willingly and generously to a lost soul like myself.

A lost soul who’s gradually getting found.

And the song below from my beloved Paul McCartney … well, for me, it says practically everything I ever wanted to communicate to all of yous out there.

Your love for and expression of community shines like no other I have ever known.


Sure does.


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